Marlow (Wolfgore)

Marlow was raised in both Portland and the lush islands of Hawaii. The artwork and tattoos they create references the dense jungle foliage and variety of East Asian culture found in the state. Marlow moved to Portland in 2015 to learn to tattoo, and bring a lifetime of artwork to skin. With work that ranges from grotesque and emotional to botanical and natural, Marlow is trying to add a new sort of feeling with tattooing- one that respects, acknowledges cultural imagery, one that allows for things not conventionally seen as beautiful to the western and common eye to become more than that, one that remains accessible and allows all sorts of people to enjoy tattoos regardless of their background or social standing, and one that strays from both the boys' club stereotype and the exclusionary and expensive side of tattooing. As someone who is both queer and a person of color, this is a goal Marlow tries to achieve with every encounter.

Marlow is most frequently at the shop working, drawing, or at home hanging out with their kickass roommates.