Jun Osaki

Jun started tattooing in 2012 in Minneapolis, MN where they've spent most of their growing years. In early years, being an only-child let them to a life of solitude in drawing, primarily feeding on manga, anime, cartoons, video games, and the internet. Later years as their style developed, surrealism became a focus and a key to re-connecting with their estranged homeland of Japan. Tattooing became a means to survive and escape the oppressive-experience in the mid-west. Now on a permanent journey of healing, they search for souls whom are interested in body art as an expression, healing, or experience.

Jun work best in dreamy-surrealism, emotions, and Asian-inspired art. Things like animals, creatures, plants, and symbology. They enjoy combining various elements to portray/represent an idea, feeling, or emotion.

Work info for Jun can be found at

IG: @ajunkysock