Flash days at Constellation Tattoo Collective are for fundraising for issues within our communities that we care about. We try our best to choose organizations whose work is both intersectional and based in direct action. We welcome suggestions of both reading materials related to our fundraisers as well as suggestions for future flash fundraising events.

Our first flash day is Friday, June 29 starting at 9am!


  • Flash days are first come, first served! This means that if you want a specific design, show up early. There will be a sign in sheet with slots in the order of everyone's appearance, as well as name, design you've chosen and your phone number (so we can inform you when it's your turn!)
  • We don't typically do designs twice - unless you and a friend consensually match. 
  • Designs are all flat rate, with no changes/additions/etc. 
  • Arms and legs only, please and thank you!
  • Once you've signed in, chosen a design, and filled out paperwork, please feel free to walk around St. John's, Cathedral Park, maybe get a bite to eat! As the studio space is relatively small, and there will be artists working, we kindly request that you don't linger around the studio unless you're about to get tattooed! 
  • Our assistants will send you a text 30 minutes before your time slot for your tattoo starts - please try and make it in time! If it is 15 minutes past when you're supposed to be around, we'll probably end up giving the slot to the next person in line!
  • Both Marlow and AB are going to do about 5 or 6 tattoos each - please be respectful about their limits, and understand that there will be more flash days in the future! We will have a cancellation list for folks who couldn't make it in time for the first 12 slots, so that we can contact you in case someone ends up not being able to show up for their spot.
  • For ease of donation to Lysistrata, this event is cash only. 


This month's fundraiser flash event is for the "Emergency Fund" organized by Lysistrata, a volunteer run and sex worker led group founded to (from their website):

  • Collect and distribute funds for the purposes of providing financial assistance to marginalized members of our community who are struggling due to illness, injury, homelessness, wrongful arrest/incarceration, unstable or abusive working conditions, domestic violence, discrimination and other factors that affect their ability to make a living.
  • Promote and signal boost fundraisers and events for other orgs and individuals in the sex work community. 
  • Sponsor, host and/or participate in events/activities that promote sex work advocacy and networking.
  • Work in partnership with other sex worker led orgs and projects to supplement necessary services and aid visibility for the work that’s already being done in our community.
  • Support sex worker owned businesses/orgs, assist in the building of new sex worker run businesses/orgs and offer community resources to ease the transition into other fields for those seeking to diversify their skill set and/or leave the industry.

About Lysistrata's "Emergency Fund" (from their website):

Our experience in the industry has taught us that one of the best ways to ensure that sex workers are able to work in ways that preserve their safety and well being is access to financial resources during difficult times in their lives and careers. In such a diverse industry anything from economic slow downs, the shut down of advertising platforms, burn out, illness, injury, homelessness, wrongful arrest and incarceration, unstable or abusive working conditions, domestic violence, discrimination and a myriad of other factors can often negatively and drastically effect sex workers' ability to do their job in the ways that are best for them. Such circumstances are often exacerbated by other marginalizing factors such as race, gender, class, parenthood and chronic illness. Often, people in our community have to resort to individual fundraisers such as gofundme to cover expenses such as unexpected medical bills, to develop new skills to aid in diversifying their incomes, and in the wake of violent events that render them unable to work. To try and help cover some of these expenses before they spiral out of control we have started an emergency fund to support the most vulnerable people in the sex industry and give our community somewhere to turn when they are facing hardships. We also assist in organizing fundraisers for individuals in need, especially survival workers who have less access to large online followings and technology that are important to the success of crowd funding campaigns. We also aim to contribute to and promote personal individual's fundraisers within our community! 

Find out more about Lysistrata on their website: https://www.lysistratamccf.org/


People we love and many members of our local community are sex workers, and the recent passage of FOSTA/SESTA has put many sex worker's lives and livelihoods in danger- especially those of sex workers who already face oppression and violence because of their race and/or gender identity. Read links below for more information on this cause!


"The Impact of SESTA: For Allies" : https://survivorsagainstsesta.org/about-sesta/

"Against Stigma, Not Sex Work" (a PDF) : https://belliresearchinstitute.files.wordpress.com/2017/02/stigma.pdf

"Quick Social Media Reads: SESTA, Sex Work, & Survival" : https://survivorsagainstsesta.org/quick-reads-sesta-sex-work-survival/

"2017's Best Writing by Sex Workershttp://titsandsass.com/2017s-best-writing-by-sex-workers/


Sex Workers Outreach Project, a national social justice network dedicated to the fundamental human rights of people involved in the sex trade and their communities, focusing on ending violence and stigma through education and advocacy - http://www.new.swopusa.org/

Red Light Legal, providing direct legal services, legal representation, community education, and effective policy advocacy to sex workers in all corners of the industry - http://redlightlegal.org/

St. James Infirmary, a peer-based occupational health and safety clinic for sex workers and their families, providing free healthcare and social services for Sex Workers (current or former) of all genders and sexual orientationshttps://stjamesinfirmary.org/

Black Sex Workers Collective, providing education, legal assistance, healthcare resources, and affordable housing referrals in order to successfully leave & maintain a life outside of the industry for current and former black sex workers, creating safer space where the unique experiences and needs of Black sex worker voices are validated and responded with appropriate needs based resources - https://www.blacksexworkercollective.org/

Stroll, a harm reduction, outreach, and education group run by and for sex workers - http://www.strollpdx.org/