Resident Artists of Constellation


Jun started tattooing in 2012 in Minneapolis, MN where they've spent most of their growing years. In early years, being an only-child let them to a life of solitude in drawing, primarily feeding on manga, anime, cartoons, video games, and the internet. Later years as their style developed, surrealism became a focus and a key to re-connecting with their estranged homeland of Japan. Tattooing became a means to survive and escape the oppressive-experience in the mid-west. Now on a permanent journey of healing, they search for souls whom are interested in body art as an expression, healing, or experience.

Jun work best in dreamy-surrealism, emotions, and Asian-inspired art. Things like animals, creatures, plants, and symbology. They enjoy combining various elements to portray/represent an idea, feeling, or emotion.

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IG: @ajunkysock


Marlow was raised in both Portland and the lush islands of Hawaii. The artwork and tattoos they create references the dense jungle foliage and variety of East Asian culture found in the state. Marlow moved to Portland in 2015 to learn to tattoo, and bring a lifetime of artwork to skin. With work that ranges from grotesque and emotional to botanical and natural, Marlow is trying to add a new sort of feeling with tattooing- one that respects, acknowledges cultural imagery, one that allows for things not conventionally seen as beautiful to the western and common eye to become more than that, one that remains accessible and allows all sorts of people to enjoy tattoos regardless of their background or social standing, and one that strays from both the boys' club stereotype and the exclusionary and expensive side of tattooing. As someone who is both queer and a person of color, this is a goal Marlow tries to achieve with every encounter.

Marlow is most frequently at the shop working, drawing, or at home hanging out with their kickass roommates. 

IG: @wolfgore


A-B M is an interdisciplinary artist from North Carolina who specializes in illustrative black linework tattoos. A-B graduated from the Maryland Institute College of Art in 2013 with a BFA in painting, and began tattooing in the winter of 2014, learning and sharing skills of the trade amongst artists and friends in Baltimore before chasing the sun to the west coast in 2015.

A-B's work features fantastic creatures and mythical landscapes, rendered with special attention to line weight, texture, and movement. They are most inspired by esoteric archetypes, illustrative symbology, folk narratives, and storytelling, with a style informed by elements of psychedelia, horror/sci-fi comics, and a variety of printmaking techniques and print history. A-B also makes drawings, shrinky-dinks, comics, flyers, and objects from a home studio in north Portland, Oregon. In their spare time, A-B can be found studying the desert and planning road trips, taking photos, and making mixtapes for friends.

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IG: @v_a_l_l_e_y